The Top 5 Cannabinoids That Can Change Your Life

Cannabinoids are the most vital active compounds found in the cannabis plant. These natural compounds have been proven to successfully treat a myriad of ailments and diseases, and offer unlimited health benefits. Individually, these cannabinoids give incredible relief, but specific combinations of these compounds have been found to not only treat, but cure.



Currently, the most popular cannabinoid is Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is primarily known for its psychoactive effects, however, time and time again it has also successfully treated Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Crohns disease, PTSD, chronic pain, and much more.



Information on CBD research has been spreading like wildfire, making Cannabidiol the second most famous compound found in the cannabis plant. It offers an even wider variety of health benefits than THC, without any of the psychoactive effects. CBD is known for treating cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and more. CBD is also amazing for the derma, and due to the natural healing properties,  is a phenomenal ingredient to be incorporated into skin care products.



The cannabinoid Cannabichromene promotes brain cell growth, offers anti-tumor, anti-depressant, and anti-fungal properties, while also greatly reducing inflammation. CBC is lesser known, but a key compound to use in combination for overall health.



When the oxidation process occurs with the cannabis plant, THC is converted into Cannabinol.¬† CBN does not bind as well to the body’s cannabinoid receptors, however, it offers strong sedative effects, is used as a natural sleep aid and analgesic. Additionally, CBN is an incredible anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, while helping to regulate the immune system. CBN has also shown great progress as an effective treatment for ALS patients.



Although it is considered a minor cannabinoid, Cannabigerol is the parent compound of both THC and CBD, when decarboylated (activated by light or heat energy). CBG is known for its strong anti-inflammatry properties, decreasing anxiety, and inhibiting tumor growth. It encourages a balance between other cannabinoids and allows for synergy within the body.


There are more than one hundred known cannabinoids, and many awaiting  discovery. It is apparent that as laws allow for further research and dispensing, this plant will entirely revolutionize modern medicine.

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